who are we?

WE take pride in our work

Hi, I am Kevin Smiley a  Veteran of the United States Army. I am a Black man who is tired of the racism that has infected the country I have fought for.

We as a family support Black-owned and veteran-owned businesses.
Check out the list of Black-owned Etsy shops and businesses @ sadiesmiley.com 

My family and I are on a mission to infect this country with truth, and equality, and to bring about a day where we can all live without fear.

Sadie And Kevin

Thank you for supporting our business and for visiting our store, enjoy the shirts and wear them proudly.

My favorite shirt is the Eracism shirt. All of the shirts we make are designed to start a conversation and to keep that conversation going until we affect change.

Take time to make things that last

We make sure to use good-quality shirts so you can continue to wear them and start conversations for years to come.