January 10, 2021

This an update to my last post: a Black Man’s Perspective. They did find those two in the picture I posted on my perspective of January, 6th 2021, also 40 others who were involved in the terrorist attacks on the Capitol Building have been located. There is an ongoing search for those who were involved. This is a good thing but too little to late, in my opinion.

I’m an educated Black man, and here’s my perspective.

If this were Black People

The question still remains why did they not take action beforehand. If this were BLM, well when it was BLM. 5 times more arrests were made for unrest charges during the mostly peaceful BLM protests than were made during the terrorist attack on the Capitol.

Let’s put that into numbers for you: the Washington D.C. police Dept. arrested 361 Black Lives Matter protestors vs the 61 individuals arrested during the Capitol insurrection. Let’s add the 16 that the Capitol Police have arrested and the 2 departments together have only arrested 1/4th of the number of people that were arrested during the BLM protest by just the D.C. police Dept. alone.

What does that say to Black Americans? That says you will always be met with force when you try to get ahead. Period.

There has always been two Americas

The difference between white and Black people protesting

The loss of life could have been averted if only someone would have had some forethought. We elected these officials and not one of them had the forethought to say “Hey, maybe we should put up a barrier or a ‘wall’ to keep out those who wish to interrupt or stop the proceedings”.

As Rep. Karen Bass stated on CNN. “They knew this was going to happen it was all over social media”

Why didn’t they erect a wall, a fence, employ more officers prior to this landmark event? This is the question on the minds of the family of the officer who died. This is the question on the minds of millions of Americans and citizens around the world.

Why didn’t they call up the appropriate amount of police ahead of time? Today there is a fence completely around the Capitol building. Today, a day late and five lives short.

We have always lived in two different Americas. The one where white men are given way as Black and Brown people are held back. The Capitol Building terrorist attack proves that. There is video footage showing the police force actually waving the protestors on. Letting them go through to the steps of the Capitol Building.

There is footage of the protests for BLM where there are helicopters overhead, tear gas in the air and a show of force that pushed the protestors back. The protestors were exercising their 1st amendment rights and still were met with a force that was more than triple what we saw on January 6th, 2021.

The only difference, besides that the BLM protests were mostly peaceful, is the color of our skin. The BLM protestors were a majority of BIPOC and the terrorists were a majority of white people.

Listen to Biden at 1:20 seconds into the ” There have always been Two Americas video.” Even the next leader of the supposed free world knows we are treated differently.

Please pin it for me! 😉

How did the country get this way?

This question is only asked by those who have the privilege to ask it. This question is asked by those who have the privilege to close their eyes to the reality of the America we live in. For those of us who live as minorities in this country every day, we understand this is how it has always been. How do you think you would have been treated? Why?

When will you wake up, America?

Camera cord tied into a noose

I have been asked by several people whom I thought were friends why I “turn everything into a race issue”. I don’t. But when an issue arises, we as a people need to address it and squash it.

If we don’t, like a infected sore, it will fester and spread. We witnessed the confederate flag being carried in the Capitol building.

The confederacy lost the war on May 9, 1865. 1865! Yet here we are in 2021 and the losing flag still waves in one of our countries most secure buildings. A flag that symbolizes slavery and a time this country has yet to atone for. This flag should not even exist except in history books and maybe a museum.

Donald Trump

We as a nation knew this was coming. We were warned. Look to the presidents’ actions and statements. He said” I will never concede”.

How could you expect anything different from a man who refuses to acknowledge white supremacists, who admires dictators, and who blatantly told you he would not leave the white house without a fight?

What did you expect? People who will not let go of the past, who refuse to learn from their mistakes are doomed to repeat them. He idolizes communist leaders and touts them as his friends.

Mike Pence

His refusal to invoke the 25th amendment confounds me. Donald Trump is unfit to lead this country even for a minute longer yet we sit idly by and wait for what? We wait to see what he will do next cause our lawmakers are also sitting by and watching.

Two minutes inside the mob

The CNN reporter who sets up the video doesn’t even know what to call a terrorist when he see one? He states “I don’t know what to call them” “they are not protestors”.

The video shows the anger when they figure out they are part of the media. They were white so they got to walk completely through the mob without any serious physical incident.

At one point the cameraman’s camera is attacked. Someone steps in to help him, shouting at the offender this is not us. This man actually blocks others from getting to the CNN crew.

Black News anchor arrested for working.

If this were a Black Man doing his job reporting the news he would be lucky to be arrested. The odds are the mob or the police would have killed him. Welcome to the America I grew up in. This isn’t political, it’s my life.

If you’re not outraged, you’re not paying attention. Welcome to America 2021.

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