Police Brutality Continues December 5th, 2020

Lt. Caron Nazario is a Black Latino Army officer. This man is serving our country and did nothing wrong. But because he is a POC he was stopped and accosted. then thankfully let go the police this time didn’t kill him.

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Why is this still happening?

The police officers in question are from the Windsor, Virginia police dept. Remember he was pulled over for doing nothing, Remember he had not broken the law. There was no probable cause. If they had actually looked at his vehicle instead of just him they would have realized he had a license plate, but this is the story they are going with. He was pulled over for what the officers believed was a missing license plate on his brand new SUV. Remember these things as this account progresses. The only thing Lt. Caron did was drive his car.

The officers pointed guns at him, pepper-sprayed him, and pushed him to the ground. Let’s back up a bit. On his way home Lt. Caron saw flashing lights in his rearview mirror. He slowed down and turned on his blinker this is a signal to most officers that you intend to stop. He then looked for a safe place for him and the officers. He found a well-lit area, a BP gas station (this lets the officers see into your vehicle better), and stopped. It took 1 minute and 40 seconds to find a suitable place that was safe for himself and the officers. What ensued is unimaginable.

Most of you have taken longer than that to recognize that an officer is behind you, change lanes to find a safer place to stop, and then slow to a stop. He found a safe place for himself and the officers. Imagine that, a citizen who is thinking of his own and the officer’s safety.

Another body cam video of the incident

The officer says he did not see the temp tag taped to the window of the SUV. The windows are tinted and because the driver did not stop immediately on a dark street, the officers treated this as a high-risk stop, and the officers drew their weapons. This sounds reasonable so far right? Why would you draw your weapon if you are just pulling him over for a missing tag? He did stop in a well-lit area and you can see his temp tag in the window. He is not resistant or belligerent.

They didn’t tell him why they were pulling him over!

This was never explained to Nazario who asked several times why he was being pulled over. This is a reasonable question and one that should be asked especially because of the color of his skin and the way things have been going in America thus far.

You can watch the video above and tell me what you think. I am truly afraid to be pulled over by any police officer. I believe I will be killed if I am pulled over. This is a fear we as POC have to live with every day in the United States. This fear should not be downplayed as it is often done in the media.

NORFOLK, Va. — The five-day trial in Army Lt. Caron Nazario’s lawsuit against two Windsor police officers captured on camera pepper-spraying and threatening him during a traffic stop will start March 28, 2022


This fear has to be taught to us by our parents so that we can survive. If we are going to attempt to make it to adulthood we have to learn to fear the police. We have to avoid at all costs those who are supposed to be sworn to protect us.

What is Your Take?

I am tired. I am tired of all of the hate crimes. I am tired of the racism. I am tired of not getting justice. Do you think that these officers will face the same charges a Black Man would face in the same situation? Do you think they will get off easy? Only 1 of the officers has been fired Joe Gutierrez, the other officer involved (Daniel Crocker) still has his job, why is that? Wasn’t he just as much to blame as Joe? I think so. But will he be charged also? Will anyone remember this case in a year? Do you even remember this case as you read this post?

We tend to have short attention spans and this is why nothing changes and as far as I can see nothing will change until we continue to stand up, kneel, sit down and march. Years later we still need to seek justice we need to hold them accountable. We need to stand firm for years and years not just moments. 1 march opens eyes but thousands of marches can affect change.

Thousands of incidents of us as people coming together to show that we will no longer stand for the status quo. What have you done today to change the world today? What have you done that will make a difference in your child’s view of people of color? If you haven’t done anything today and you don’t plan on doing anything tomorrow then you are part of the problem.

Chose to be consistent Chose to affect change

We need to do something every single day if we are going to affect change. PERIOD!!! Every day I will post something, or I will donate to a cause, or I will join a march for freedom. We are not nor have we ever been truly free.

What are you doing? Have you even talked to your children about their views of people of color? If not why not? Change starts in your heart and then in your home and then moves outward but it has to start with you and me.

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